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Why Indie Play Club?

I know being a parent is not easy and you are super busy. You have to take care of the baby, breastfeed her, change the diaper and so many other things you have to do!

But, the first 3 years of your baby is a golden time. Why? It’s the time that your baby’s development can grow super fast. It’s time for you to build the foundation of your baby’s life.

These are 5 skills we need to focus during this golden time.

  1. Cognitive Skills
  2. Motor Skills
  3. Speech & Language Skills
  4. Social & Emotional Skills
  5. Creativity Skills

Here’s What You’ll Get

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How to Play

There are 5 major play strategies that we use while taking advantage of the prime time in their development at different ages. All the activities are designed with purpose and love for the best to boost their brains without compromising the number of laughs and fun.


Yes, let’s exercise those brain and synapse while having fun! Your baby will gain problem-solving skills and creativity through the process of figure things out and decision making in the game. Don’t be surprised if you see how they come up with a different solution than you do.


By mimicking your movement, your baby can do many things she couldn’t do before, for example, clapping, making a funny face and more.


Spend time playing, talking and interacting with your baby can help boost her social & emotional skills as well as her speech & language skills. We have plenty of fun ways to do!


We have many ways to present the knowledge and boost the cognitive developments that are still fun! One of the keys is to utilize the current skills and amplify them. You can show them many new things and they will be hungry to learn more!


It is best for the baby to learn by doing. Let them see, touch, feel and experience through all those 5 senses.

Activity Guide Overview

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Designed and created with 100% love — ([indie_play_est_value_prices_total product_id=”44147″ multiply=”300.375″] value)

We commission the best designers and illustrators to create the guides and flashcards just for you.

Quality play guides and plans for the price of Netflix! ($14.99 $7.99/Month)

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These bonuses are what essential for the baby’s first year of life with the value of [indie_play_printable_prices_total product_ids=”53625, 53781, 53783, 53785, 53789″] BUT we include them for you for FREE.

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When you join, you will get these FREE bonuses! (more than [indie_play_printable_prices_total product_ids=”53625, 53781, 53783, 53785, 53789″] for FREE)

10-Must Know Baby Sign language (Printable Poster) — ([indie_play_subscription product_id=”53625″] Value)

Learn baby sign language to give an alternative to communicate with your baby. These top 10 baby signs are a must and most frequent use. Print it yourself in perfect letter size or print it larger up to 24”x36”.

Indie Chance’s 30 Baby-Led Weaning Menu Ideas — ([indie_play_subscription product_id=”53781″] Value)

Baby meals don’t have to be boring. These menu ideas are great inspiration for those who do BLW (baby-led weaning) and have the family style dinner that the whole family shares the same food, (but no honey, salt, and sugar for baby!). They vary from your usual oatmeal to unconventional yummy rice bowl that is easy to do and you would want to have them as your family meal.
Print it postcard size (4×6”) or keep it on your phone to browse anytime!

Indie Guide of Play (Poster) — ([indie_play_subscription product_id=”53789″] Value)

Like general rules of conduct when you go to the gym, our Indie Guide of Play provides brief concepts and mindsets on how you can play with the baby for the best in their development, experience and be safe.

Your Baby First Year’s Word Log — ([indie_play_subscription product_id=”53783″] Value)

“I don’t want to miss any single word she said,” Jom said about her motivation that leads her to create this word log for Chance.

Every little voice your baby makes are precious. Those babbling will soon become the words to chat with you. Capture those words now by writing them down in this cute word log diagram made with love. Some months she may repeat one or two words over and over, jot them down. Write more bubble if you want! It is a fun diagram that is not just a great keepsake but to look back as a good memory.

Baby Word Cards for Milestone Photo Sessions — ([indie_play_subscription product_id=”53785″] Value)

A super fun way to take your baby photos in each milestone, you can use these 12 premade popular words like “Dada”, “Mama”, etc or write it your own using the blank ones in this set.

We’re Indie Chance

Baby, Creative, Play

We believe that we all, as parents, play a big role in nurturing babies not just for baby caring, providing them a safe environment but interacting and giving them quality playtime that help develop their brain and body and also get them ready to go out into the world.

We appreciate “Play and Learn Method” and practice that at home. We spent a lot of time, effort and money on researching, planning and selecting the best activities to play with babies so you don’t have to.

We are so excited and hope you will enjoy the journey to grow with your baby as we do.

Designed with 100% love

Join the Club FREE For 7 Days. Then If You Like It, Only $14.99 $7.99/Month. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! You can cancel anytime — no commitment


  • Ok. I am new here. Tell me where should I start.

    If you are ready to easily boost your baby’s development with our Indie Play Club, you can start by joining the club FREE for 7 days now. Then, you will receive the Introduction, FREE bonuses and weekly play guide in the email. The play guide will be sent to you once a week. Then, have fun and go play!

  • What age group would Indie Play Club be good for?

    Indie Play Club is created and designed for babies ages 9 months old or more. Our current activity programs are available for age 9-12 months old.

  • I have a 9 months old baby who is turning to 10 months old in a week. How will this plan work with my baby? Do I need to wait until she is 10 months old to start?

    No, this is perfect. Your baby age is in the range that can use and enjoy our play guide! You can join the club now.

  • Will you have the activities for the age of more than 12 months old? Like 18 months old?

    Yes! We are growing the library as our baby, Chance, is growing. So currently, we have 9-12 months released and are developing the following months. We’re adding new activities every week!

  • When will I receive my first guides and FREE bonuses?

    When you join Indie Play Club, you’ll receive your first week guides and bonuses by email right away.

  • Which day I will receive the weekly play guide every week?

    Depends on which day you join the club, it will start right on that day, and recurring on the same day every week. For example, if you join on Monday, you will receive the Indie Play Guide every Monday.

  • Do I need to be a member to see the full set and the weekly materials?

    Yes, you need to be a member first in order to receive our activity guides and printables weekly.

  • How do I download the printable materials?

    You will receive the links to download in your email inbox every week. If you’re not seeing one 5 minutes after you join. Please check your spam folder.

  • How to print these files?

    You can print our files yourself at home or you can go to the local print shop. You can find the generic printing instruction here.

    Printing our flashcards and guides from home

    What you need : 

    • Our PDF files
    • Letter size Heavyweight or cardstock paper (You can also use normal paper if you plan to laminate them later)
    • Printer loaded with a colored cartridge
    • Scissors to cut the cards, materials out

    Instructions :

    1. You will use the letter size files that you can print directly from your printer. Some countries may use A4 size paper instead of letter size paper.
    2. Load the letter size paper into the printer input tray. Consult your printer user guide for specific steps to load and print.
    3. Choose the print option to “fit to page”
    4. The flashcards size in this format is smaller than 4×6 inch to able to fit 4 cards in one page.
    5. Print and cut it out, then it is ready to play!

    Printing our 4×6” flashcards at the print shop

    What you need : 

    • Our 4×6 flashcards JPG files
    • Print Shop (either online or local)

    Instructions :

    1. You can use the 4×6 image (.jpg) files and upload to the print shop website of your choice, or you can download to your thumb drive and bring to the print shop. 
    2. Give the files to the print shop and have them print on 4×6 photo paper. The image size is 4×6 inches (postcard size), so they can print fit to their postcard papers.
    3. The postcard photo paper usually thick enough, so you do not need to laminate, but you can, that will make it last even longer.

    Printing our Activity guides at the print shop

    What you need : 

    • Our PDF files
    • Print Shop (either online or local)

    Instructions :

    1. Give the files to the print shop and have them print on letter size paper.
    2. You can print on normal paper at the print shop. But for flashcards, It is recommended to specify the print shop to use the heavyweight or cardstock paper that is thicker than usual paper. 
    3. (Options) For Flashcards printed on letter size paper, you will also have to cut them afterward like printing from home.
    4. (Optional) You can also laminate them, it will be even better and last longer.
  • What the paper size should I print them out?

    If you are printing from home, you only need a letter size paper which is 8.5 x 11”.

    All of our standard PDF files for both activity guides and flashcards PDF are using Letter size (8.5 x 11”).

    But if you plan to print the flashcards directly to 4×6” photo paper or send to the print shop, you can use individual images of our flashcards that are in .JPG format.

    In some special week, we offer the poster along with the flashcards and guides, and they can be larger than 8.5×11” but will be the same proportion as letter size, usually 24”x36”. In case you want to print it large, we gave you the large file. You just need to print “fit to page”.

  • It didn’t print right. The images are too big for the paper!

    At your printer option, you have to choose “fit to page” to make sure all the graphics are fit within one page. Each printer is varied for the area of printing, sometimes the images fall off from the print area of that printer, so you have to choose “fit to page”.

  • Why should I print the weekly activity guide? Don’t we use it only this week?

    It is totally up to you whether you want to print the weekly activity guide. Yes, we can save more trees by looking at it on the phone or computer too. But most of the times, you will come back to play those activities again in later week or month, and it is easier to just have them handy. You can make your own activity binder and come back to sort for it.

  • At the print shop, the print shop denies to give me the print, they said these materials are copyright. They need the printing release. What should I do?

    Don’t worry. We provided the printing release for you, it is in every weekly email we send to you. Please show that document to the print shop.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    If you cancel within 7 days of your order, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel after 7 days, your payment is non-refundable and your service will continue until the end of the billing period.
    * The refund only applies for 7 days after the original purchase, not for subsequent renewals.

  • Do you have terms of service for Indie Play Club?

    You can find our Terms of Service here.

  • I am a mother and plan to do homeschool. Can I print this for the use for my child?

    Yes, you absolutely can and we encourage you to do that too!

  • I am a teacher, can I use this for my classroom?

    Please contact us first at

  • What if my baby does not really engage in the activities I receive this week?

    It is the age-appropriate play, but every baby is different. If they are not ready for it now, you can try some of this activity again in the next couple of weeks, because they keep growing and changing every day. Don’t forget to observe and follow their signal, they may be ready for it soon. Please also refer to our “Indie Guide Of Play”.

  • Why Flashcards?

    Unlike usual Flashcards, We use flashcards creatively in a way that is not just a usual one-way communication or rapid learning but as an interaction and conversation starter for the whole week! They are a tool to use to connect you and your baby to many more things around you, and another activity that you can use to boost your baby’s 5 vital skills. Our flashcards are designed with care to make it simple, bold and artistic. They are illustrated by artists and designers we commissioned from around the world. Our illustrations are pleasant to parents’ eyes and stimulate the baby’s aesthetic sense as well.

  • Want to know anything else?

    Please kindly let us know, we want to hear from you If you have any questions. Please email us at and we will do our best to help you out.

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