Creative Eating, Cleaning Fast & Easy

Worried about the mess? this Bib & Tray Kit got you covered! Get it and eat out anytime. Let’s make your family mealtime easier and enjoyable!

Creative Eating, Cleaning Fast & Easy

Worried about the mess? this Bib & Tray Kit got you covered! Get it and eat out anytime. Let’s make your family mealtime easier and enjoyable!

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Little Garden



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Happy Day



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Welcome, Mess-free eating time for your baby!
Encourage self-feeding for your baby anywhere without worrying about the big mess!

Baby, Let’s Eat

Whether baby-led weaning or traditional weaning, you can use this Bib & Tray Kit to let your baby enjoy their meal without interrupting their fun of exploring. Let them enjoy food, and do not worry, because after cleaning will be a breeze for you this time. It’s a win-win solution for both baby and you. She eats, and you have an easy cleanup.

Easy to Use, Easy to Clean

This Bib & Tray Kit is designed for everyday use and to be clean easily. You can easily wipe clean the Tray, then Rinse them later on. Bib? You can hand or machine wash them. They are easy to wash as well. We recommend having an additional bib to alternate for different meals.

Eating out Gracefully Like a Boss

Now You can go out to eat with your baby without worrying about the mess and the hassle of cleaning up because it will be done in a blink! Your child will be happily eating by herself sharing the same table with you, you can clean up in a minute and your server will be impressed. Wipe, Collapse and Go! Cleaning up is that easy.

Let Your Baby Lead

This Bib & Tray Kit is perfect for self-weaning or Baby-Led weaning that not just allows your baby to decide what and how they eat but also promotes their development of eye-hand coordination, dexterity, chewing skills, healthy eating habits, and Executive Functioning. The ability to feed themself can also promote self-esteem and building practical life skills.

High Quality, and Designed With Love

Tidy Tot Bib & Tray is designed by Jennifer, a mother of 3 children from the UK. It’s made from safe and durable materials that are easy to clean. No other Bib & Tray can imitate and compete with this quality! They are very well-built.

Better Lifestyle, Happy Family Mealtime!

How wonderful will it be to have your baby sit next to you and we all can enjoy the meal without the chaos? Let’s make the mealtime be the family’s happy time that everyone can enjoy themself. The Bib & Tray will help to catch all the mess.


Our Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit completely protects baby, highchair and floor from food mess and spills. Whether you’re following traditional puree weaning, baby-led weaning or mixing it up, this essential piece of weaning kit will help to reduce the washing and cleaning that comes with messy mealtimes. This essential weaning kit is suitable for babies from the very start of their weaning journey up to 2 years of age.

The long sleeve, water-resistant, coverall bib attaches to the tray to eliminate the gap between baby and highchair, preventing food falling onto the baby’s lap and inside the highchair. The wipe-clean, food-safe tray provides the perfect platform for baby to explore and discover food and its arm-span width prevents food from being dropped to the floor.

Super easy to set up and clean – simply wipe clean the tray or wash in the sink and wipe clean or machine wash the coverall bib.

The Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit is a universal fitting and fits most high chairs with and without their own tray, including the popular Ikea Antilop. It can also be used with booster seats straight up to the table. The kit also includes a Small Highchair Adaptor, designed to improve the stability of the tray on smaller framed high chairs.

The Tidy Tot Tray is 100% Food Safe. Beware of cheap imitations as the Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit is the only bib and tray kit that is certified to be food safe.

The Tidy Tot Coverall Bib and Tray Kit is also perfect for messy play; known to improve baby’s cognitive development, fine motor skills and confidence in decision making. Check out our disposable coverall bibs which are perfect for painting!

Includes a wipe-clean zipped storage bag for easy transportation.

Available in 2 gorgeous color options: Dove Grey & Sage Green

  • Bib attaches to tray; No More Gaps!
  • Contains the mess of weaning
  • Prevents food from dropping to the floor
  • Easy clean – wipe clean tray & machine washable bib
  • Fits highchairs and booster seats
  • Assembled in seconds!
  • Folds for easy storage
  • BPA free and Food Safe

Weight: 18 oz
Dimensions: 11 X 12 X 1 in
Bib Pattern: Apples & Pears, Rainbows, Carrots
Tray Color: Dove Gray, Sage Green


Parents are saying

We’re Indie Chance

— Baby, Creative, Eat

We believe that we all, as parents, play a big role in nurturing babies not just for providing them a safe environment and food but giving them the opportunity to develop and learn and also get them ready to go out into the world. Therefore we decide to do Baby-led weaning. After gathering and trying all the necessary gadgets that would help us do the weaning as smoothly as possible while Chance can enjoy exploring and eating that new food, we found that this Bib & Tray Kit is the most essential aid to have an enjoyable and practical lifestyle. We used them to travel the world! We can take her to many new restaurants without any worry. It is a life-saver for us. So we have no hesitation to feature them in our store. We would like to see many other parents having a more convenient and enjoyable lifestyle and eating habits with their baby as we do.

We are so excited and hope you will enjoy having an enjoyable lifestyle with their baby as we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this bib and tray kit will fit on most high chairs or booster seats, including highchairs without a tray.

Suction cups will not stick to textured surfaces. If you are trying to stick suction cups to a smooth flat surface and find they’re still not sticking well, fully immerse the suction cups in boiling water for 30 seconds. Any kinks or irregularities in the cups will disappear and full suction will be resumed

This can be used when using the Tidy Tot Tray on smaller framed highchairs e.g. Ikea Antilop. It should stop the Tidy Tot Tray from dropping down at the back and sides and ensure your tray remains stable.

Tray: Wipe or wash clean with warm soapy water after each use. Allow to air dry and store in a dry place. Do not machine wash. Not to be used in the dishwasher. Do not iron. Do not tumble dry. Some staining may occur as a result of contact with foodstuffs.

Bib: Machine wash at 40 degrees. Use the wash strip provided to close the hook and loop fastening on the bottom of the bib. Wash and dry inside out. Do not use biological washing powder or fabric softener. Do not wash with delicate items. Do not dry clean. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Cool tumble dry.

Storage Bag: Wipe clean only.

One set contains 1 x Tray; 1 x Co-ordinating coverall bib with removable wash strip, 1 x Small Highchair Adaptor, Storage bag, and one additional Extra Bib of that Set.

SET A (Little Garden): 1 x Tray in Dove Grey, 1 x Bib in Apples & Pears Pattern, 1 x Extra Bib in Carrots Pattern
SET B (Happy Day): 1 x Tray in Dove Grey, 1 x Bib in Apples & Pears Pattern, 1 x Extra Bib in Rainbows Pattern
SET C (Yummy Salad): 1 x Tray in Sage Green, 1x Bib in Carrots Pattern, 1 x Extra Bib in Apples & Pears Pattern

Let’s say, if you used the Kit in the morning for breakfast, and then washed. At dinner, you have to use it again, then you might have to do the laundry that day or even if you hand wash it, it might not get dried by the time you need to use it on the same day. And you absolutely do not want to leave the food stains on the bib until the next use, right? Therefore, it is more practical to have an alternate bib. We recommend having an extra bib for your convenience and hygiene.

Suitable from 6 months to 2 years

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Let’s Eat! and Don’t Worry About the Mess

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